Felix Kroos hospitates at the 1st FC Union Berlin

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By the end of the past season, Kroos was a football professional, most recently in services of Braunschweiger. Before that, the 30-year-old played four years for Union Berlin – and to the Irishes he returns to his career end.

As the Bundesligan announced on Monday, Kroos will visit André Vilk at the U-19 Juniors in the U-19 Juniors in the coming three months. In addition, the brother of World Champion Toni Kroos is to give an insight into the youth work of Union.

Anticipation on dry humor

Felix and I agree that he should stay connected to football and we would like to offer him with us. I am looking forward to his dry humor, but especially in the professional exchange with him, and then we look where to us This common experience will bring, said Youth Chef Trainer André Hofschneider.

Kroos wore the Union jersey in more than 100 games and was involved in the Bundesliga rise in 2019. Most recently, he had taken care of his brother Toni Kroos for headlines with his brother Toni Kroos for headlines, especially with his brother Toni Kroos.

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