The start errors of Efootball include flattened referees and vanishing players

Efootball has finally reached consoles and PCs. Developed as a new, constantly evolving platform of Konami, this year s contribution should serve as the basis of the game for the coming years. But the start of the game did not just ran smoothly.

The game has so far since a few hours outside and players have already found many mistakes, some of which are absolutely happy. These mistakes were widely used on the Efootball-sub -peddit and Twitter, and include players who disappear in opening-gaming interfaces and extinguish their bodies, leaving a floating football jersey in his place. Players are also regularly cut through, making them look as if they had extra limbs.

In addition, a common error of the referee or square, which looks like a pancake, is about, as if it were at speed. You can see an example of this error (which we honestly hold for a feature) in the following video.

Bugs are nowadaying with play starts, but while they are amusing for the first time, they will quickly frustrate. Therefore, the community has begun to express its frustration in the social media, as Konami has decided to publish a seasonal update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 instead of a new game.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it s the referee in Efootball of Wepes

Fair, however, Konami himself called today s start as demo and pointed out that functions such as the haptic feedback from PS5 dualsense and individual player tactics will come in the coming months.

Hopefully, Konami can fix these problems sooner soon than later so that players can enjoy Efootball as intended.

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