New World prevents players from fool the game and are released from downtown disconnections

In the video game division of Amazon , can finally smile. The success of New World is absolutely indisputable, after a premiere with stratospheric figures and long queue queues to enter the servers. The developers know that a lot of work is ahead to put it ready, and that is why they have already released the patch 1.0.1 that updates the title with new functions, in addition to correcting some errors.

This update implements the transfer of characters between worlds that was expected so much, but in the official notes of its website we can also read that they are concerned about how players try to cheat the system. Specifically, they do not want users to continue using programs that simulate the mouse movement to skip inactivity disconnection warnings . For this reason, they have added a new additional prevention system to combat the use of this type of tools.

Forced disconnection will now arrive at 20 instead of 25 minutes Similarly, the warning message for being AFK has been reduced from 20 to 15 minutes, and forced disconnect will now reach 20 Instead of 25 minutes. Also Therapists of the turrets have been changed , which now use a physical detection that should help less objects appear suddenly around the world.

Also, developers have added a confirmation message for players who try to get out of a queue . Now you must confirm the output and so it will be avoided that you leave the waiting list by accident. And not only these messages have been implemented: texts of game missions have been added and corrected, problems with currencies and many small minor bugs that affected the game experience.

New World follows at cruise speed in Steam. The MMORPG continues to reap an overwhelming success between PC players after their final launch on September 28. So much so that they have had to take several measures at Amazon Games to guarantee the proper functioning of the title, restricting even the creation of new characters in certain servers.

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