Corpse Party Das Horror

The responsible persons of XSeed have announced that they will finally bring Corpse Party to the West. Already on October 20, 2021, the adventure for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and the PC (via Steam, Gog, Humble Store) will appear for the price of 19.99 euros. In the first week, a ten percent discount will be offered.

Fits up

In Corpse Party , a friendship ritual was powerful and secured the high school student Ayumi Shinozaki along with her friends in an alternative version of a clustered institution, which was once in the field of her school. As a result, evil ghosts of primary students are thirsty for the life of the invaders. Now Ayumi and her friends have to examine the murders at those who were already trapped in front of them in this reality.

With a classic 16-bit graphic, a throbbing soundtrack and cruel descriptions, the horror visions are brought to life. You will examine any angle of the Heavenly Host Elementary and experience a mixture of point-and-click adventure and experienced a fight-free role-playing game, whereby every decision will have an impact on the history and fate of the characters.

Incidentally, it is a new edition of Corpse Party , which fails much more extensive than the original published a few years ago. In addition to the original five chapters of the main history, 14 additional chapters are also offered, which go deeper to the relationships between the characters. A trailer already gives an impression of Corpse Party :

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