How to start a Treasury trip in Sea of Thieves

In the last monthly update of Sea of ​​Thieves, hackers can start a brand new type of adventure with the Treasure Vault Travel. This trip takes players in a trip looking for a key to a safe containing a huge booty reserve owned by the Gold Hoarders. Although it seems simple, this quest is anything but.

To start this trip, players will have to speak in Lorenna, the founder of the Salty Dogs. While Duke starts in his own adventure, you will have to deal with her outside the tavern for all your missions on the black market, including the trip to the treasure chest. After discussing with Lorenna and voted for the trip with your teammates, you will leave to the adventure. Players will have to find fragments of a treasure card using a delighted Golden Wayfinder compass that leads them to pieces of the hidden card in the sand.

Once players have located all the different pieces of the treasure map, the island and the location of the key will finally be revealed, and the only stage that remains is to go there and to dig up the key. Once the key is recovered, you can return it to the Gold Hoarders of any outpost for a modest gold sum. However, you are a hacker, after all, so you have the opportunity to take the treasure for yourself. This option offers players a brand new set of challenges, but with a larger challenge, greater reward.

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