FIST Forged in Shadow Torch DLSS Wunderspiel im Raytracing

This says Nvidia in the presentation of Fist – Forged in Shadow Torch on his website.

Tigames has activated the RayTracing function of the Unreal Engine 4 to realize the characters and the surroundings with the light of signs, street lamps and other light sources in a neon-lit diesel point city. With enabled global lighting, surfaces are on natural Way dipped in colored light, closed areas are naturally illuminated and the city scenery are lively and visually impressive.

Another improvement in the appearance virtually each scene is the addition of ray-traced real-time reflections. These of course add realistic, faithful reflections to puddles and other reflective surfaces, but also improve the appearance of pipes, bars and metallic objects that populate the diesel point environment. And in intermediate sequences, you can admire the additional reflective details of Rayton s martial armor and the title of title.

The skills acquired on the journey enable Rayton to explore underwater areas. To lift their appearance to the next level, Tigames Ray-Traced Caustics has used to add realistic details if the light is reflected and broken through the water, and if Rayton botheres it with its movements and attacks.

To fully exploit the graphics and the RayTrace effects of F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch at 4K fully exploit a significant computing power. Therefore Tigames Nvidia DLS integrated. When it is enabled, the power increases by up to 3 times, so everyone with a Geforce RTX 3060 Ti or a faster GPU can play with more than 60 fps at 4k when everything is aligned:

Likewise, NVIDIA DLSS GeForce RTX allows Laptop users, F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch with maximum settings to experience fast, liquid frame rates – for ultimate gaming.

From Thilo Bayer
Brand / Editorial Director
17.10.2021 at 14:00

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