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While Ubisoft Connect was supposed to merge Uplay and Ubisoft Club, all features have not been integrated into the service we have today. Until today, Ubisoft Connect did not have a cat function. However, from tomorrow, the office application will take charge of instant messaging with friends. It s not that having a cat system in a game or social service is a bad thing, but do not players have an infinite list of favorite means to communicate on PC? Between cats in the game and cat services that extend beyond Ubisoft titles, it does not seem to be a check mark on the list of things on Ubisoft Connect?

Maybe I forget something in terms of Ubisoft Connect s convenience or popularity. Ubisoft s Community Manager has published a blog article detailing the limitations and changes in the new service. The previous discussion function that it will replace will not retain any discussion log. If you had discussed with a friend before, it will not be registered. In the future, newspapers will only be recorded for 3 months. They exist in cases of investigations on harassment, but are paid for reasons of confidentiality.

When the new cat will be launched, group cats will be limited to 24 members. If there are existing groups with more than 24 members, they will be deleted. Existing groups with 24 or less members will remain. The remaining groups will also see their newspapers recorded during the last 30 days preceding the launch of the new discussion. The deployment of the PC application of Ubisoft Connect will begin on June 1st.

Would you use Ubisoft Connect as a way to chat with other players or do you use another application? Let us know in the comments below.

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