PS5 If you want a console then you should go to local trade

The PlayStation 5 is still not regularly buying without waiting. But just before Christmas you are now the best chances, if you do not put on digital but classic on local trade.

For a long time, the indication of Sony seems to have liked that PS5 consoles may be primarily sold digitally. As part of the pandemic, the manufacturer had launched this limitation to prevent dangerous events where many people are at once in charge.

PS5 increasingly pre-ordered in the trade

Meanwhile, this situation has calmed down again, which is why you should go to your trader of trust in the coming weeks. As the operator of the popular PS5 bot on announced his second account on Twitter , more dealers (especially Media Markt and Saturn) will take pre-orders. The consoles can then be counted with 100 euros and pick up at the end of the month with full payment.

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Very different offers: Every market goes to judgments differently with the action. Let s get the console without any additional parts, sometimes only with controller. Some markets require the pre-order still to complete an additional insurance for three years.

If you do not want them, you should still make the pre-order and then cancel this insurance when picking up within 28 days. Then you get the overall costs for this and have equipped as much as you would have bought the console right without insurance.

So it works best in the next few days your dealers nearby and just asks if you can also pre-order a console.

Digital continues to be possible : As already the weeks before, it will of course also give digital waves to buy the console. Currently, many look on Amazon, which have not had any sales for over a month. In order to always be up to date with digital purchase, our daily updated ticker is worthwhile:

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How did you or will you acquire your PS5? Digital or in the trade?

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