The Day Before and its fearsome open world confirms launch at Xbox Series

Tension, uncertainty, danger and survival. Some sensations that, thanks to current technology, can be transmitted through the graphics of Last generation . That is why, with this combination of concepts, it was impossible that The Day Before did not have its own space in all the current consoles . Something that has led to its confirmation in Xbox Series, adding to its already known premiere on PC and PS5.

The Day Before: Exclusive New Gameplay Trailer and More!

The Day Before will premiere on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on June 21, 2022 In this way, Fntast has just completed the inclusion of The Day Before in all the latest generation consoles, which will enhance even more. Amazing artistic section with which we will immerse ourselves fully into the postpocalyptic panorama it offers. An open world that will continue the rules of the MMO to invite players to survive between zombies and other existing hazards.

The Day Before has enchanted the community for the rawness of its appearance , which has been compared with The Last of US or The Division due to the similarities seen in various trailers. In other words, the game of Fntantic has raised the expectations of the community, which will now be able to enjoy this survival adventure in both PC and PS5 and Xbox Series.

To kill a bit the guslaillo until its premiere the June 21, 2022 , the developer has left us a gameplay of 13 minutes long with which we can see the most particular features of The Day Before, Such as the manufacture of weapons, exploration by the open world and its elements of PVP and PVE . A set of concepts that, now, can we discover in all new generation consoles.

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