Disciples Liberation Fantasy

Like Kalypso Media and the responsible developers of the Frima Studios announced, the gloomy and strategically inspired role play Disciples: Liberation is now available.

The release was accompanied by the compulsory launch trailer, in which a little closer to the story, the game world and above all the strategic combat system of Disciples: Liberation . The said video we have integrated as you had under these lines to view. In the new role-playing game of the Frima Studios, it is up to you to free the countries of Nevendaar from a destructive war.

Up to 80 hours of playing time promised

According to official information, Disciples: Liberation offers a comprehensive campaign that brings it to the optional missions on not less than 270 quests with up to 80 hours of playtime. Depending on which decisions you meet in critical moments, you get to the end of the campaign of one of five different ends to face.

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To find your place in the world, you choose one of four character classes and numerous allies. Recruit more than 50 units and put together an army that fits perfectly to your playing style. Mastered the handling of steel and magic in complex, round-based battles, it continues from the official side.

According to the creators of the Prima Studios, the largest strengths of the role-playing game is the multi-layered combat system, which confronts you with ever new challenges.

Disciples: Liberation with Frima Studio

Further news about Disciples: Liberation.

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