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Almost 24 hours Pauline Schäfer-Betz had to practice patience at the Turn World Championships in Japanese Kitakyushu. However, when on Tuesday morning (CEST) finally realized that they can grab the hoebar to a World Cup medal after 2015 and 2017 after a World Cup medal, their relief was noticeable. I m really looking forward to finally reaching an international finale, said the 24-year-old Chemnitzer.

The World Champion of 2017 in Montreal had had to wait for almost a day after its own appearance on Monday in General Gymnasium, before all competitors completed the qualification. With 13,733 points, Pauline Schäfer-Betz moved to its paradron with the third of the classium behind Chinese Luo Rui (14,566) and the Russian Angelina Melnikowa (14,033) in the decision of the best eight. This will be held on Sunday (10.00 am MESZ).

Memories of Glasgow and Montreal

In 2015 she had won in Glasgow World Cup bronze and two years later in Montreal Gold. At the home World Cup 2019 in Stuttgart, the native Saarlandin fails as early as the Olympic Games in the summer in Tokyo. I ll just enjoy it, said Schäfer-Betz. I ve worked out. Let s see what happens.

In the advance, the only German World Cup starter in the women had not played all the trumps yet. After their short-term decision, unlike the three other Olympic participants Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Bui (both Stuttgart) and Sarah Voss (Cologne) do not fortake to the World Cup in the same year, Schäfer-Betz had a program with a difficulty of 5, 9 prepared.

Connection from Flick Flack and Spreizsalto

They also surpassed her backward blockade, which, after a fall in a double screw on the ground in the early years, always retrieved, and built an acrobatic connection from Flick Flack and Spreizsalto into her exercise. However, in the World Cup qualifier, where the athlete, as in the European Championships in Basel in the full-body suit, came only to a D-Note of 5.4.

Due to the extension of your stay in Asia, Schäfer-Betz gives the participants of a turncamp, which they align them from Monday in Chemnitz together with their friend Andreas Bretschneider. At such one-week events, the Abiturienti wants to show in the future how she presents training: without pressure and tears and accompanied by a reasonable diet.

Litigation with the trainer

In November 2020, the athlete of her longtime trainer Gabriele Frehse had publicly accused of psychological violence and drug abuse. Frereh had denied the allegations several times. The Chemnitz Labor Court decided that the extraordinary noticeaffection is ineffective by the Olympic Olympoint Chemnitz and the 61-year-old has to be further employed. According to the court, there was no sufficient reasons for termination.

Bretschneider in the race for final square at the Reck

Meanwhile, Schäfer-Betz-Partner Bretschneider may make hope for the final in Kitakyushu hope for the finale. After two out of eight passages of the qualification in General Gymnasium, the 32-year-old lies in the ranking on this device with 14.10 points in fourth place.

Bretsters had shown in his exercise also the double-secto with double screw above the rod, which bears his name in international recognition rules. In the difficulty (D value) he came to 6.2 points. For the Rio Olympic Starter, it would be the third participation in a World Cup final at the royal device. In 2013 in Antwerpen and 2015 in Glasgow, the seats six and five had not been enough to a medal. The advance will be continued on Wednesday (02.20 clock MESZ).

The only multi-fighter in the fifter ridge of national coach Valeri Belenki, Carlo Hörr from Schmiden, rose prematurely from the Reck (12,00) and the pommel horse (11,30) and at 76.498 points in the classification currently occupies the eleventh place. Despite the weak performance, the 23-year-old World Cup debutant could benefit in wrestling around a place in the final battle of the best 24 allrounders, that just under three months after the Olympic Games, many starters for these individual title struggles do without a complete six champion and numerous proven forces even are not included. Among other things, the Germans lack the Luke, Lukas Dauser (Unterhaching), and the EM second at the Reck, Andreas Toba (Hannover).

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