Grand Prix of the USA run

With a tactic coup in Texas, Max has removed its World Cup leadership in front of a Lewis Hamilton at the end and controls its first title in Formula 1. Thanks to two pre-drawn pit stops, the Red-Bull Pilot celebrated its eighth season win at the Grand Prix of the USA. Pole-man stages pointed Austin record winner Hamilton despite a late catch-up hunting in second place and is now five races before the season finale twelve counters before the seven-time champion, which secured an extra point for the fastest race round.

Mercedes driver Hamilton could not benefit from a flash start and was only one second at the end. Third was staked on Sunday Team College Sergio Perez. Aston-Martin-Pilot Sebastian Vettel dragged himself in the points after a criminal offset because of new engine parts from the starting place 18 as a tenth. Before the eyes of Mother Corinna and Sister Gina, Mick Schumacher became in Haas 16.

In the ever more intense World Cup duel, Hamilton and stages were instantiated in training. After a wheel-to-wheel duel over the complete starting and destination straight, the red-bull pilot insisted the world champion in the Mercedes on Friday as a stupid idiots and showed him the middle finger. It s not that we are the only ones who have touched in this sport. Unfortunately, these things happen, said the Dutchman supposedly undressed.

Hamilton wins start

The poles in Austin secured stages, it was his ninth in this heated season. As a result, no Mercedes had been at the front since the beginning of the Hybrid era 2014. Hamilton looked from position two on the steep climb to the first curve: within a good 200 meters, it s a whopping 30 meters uphill. I m not worried about what happens behind me. I just have to focus on myself , stapping stood, who had already collapsed in Great Britain and especially in Italy with Hamilton.

The rivals touched at the start, the prelude was nevertheless. Hamilton came out better and claimed in the first curve inside. On the other hand, stages drove it out over the curb and lost its top position. Hamilton now had free ride in front of his World Cup adversary and his teammate Sergio Perez.

But the Englishman could not settle. He s faster than me, said about Funk Hamilton, who had joined the World Champion prematurely at the World Corona Pandemic at the last edition in Texas in 2019. Trapped hung on the leading turn. Vettel and Schumacher stuck behind. Stapen increased the pressure on Hamilton and came to the box in the eleventh round. As the fifth, the 24-year-old returned to the asphalt. Three rounds Then Hamilton had fresh pneus. The Mercedes man had residue on the new leading stages as second but more than 5.5 seconds.

Overall amazing 400.00 viewers

United states Grand Prix 2021 Race Review Live Stream

Fabulous 400,000 spectators visited the entire formula 1 weekend – spectacular moments in the race stayed now. Hamilton, however, successfully shortened his residue on stages. He was at halftime of a total of 56 laps and a very short phase with virtual safety car up to 3.3 seconds. The tires were exposed to a violent load.

Stages received new hard tires in the 30th round and was back on the track as third with 17 seconds behind Hamilton. Lewis, you re going around the victory, said Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and tried to continue to drive his star pilot. Hamilton gave gas, he fought. After an excellent stop in circulation 38 he returned behind the top of the lace from almost eight seconds to the track. Would he be able to attack the Dutcher again in the final phase?

Only on the last three rounds, said racing engineer Peter Bonnington Hamilton. Ten rounds before the end Hamilton was almost 2.7 seconds. And the Brite came closer and closer – it was no longer enough.

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