Next Generation SF Shooting Action Chorus Domestic release decision Get on a trip to atonement in the vast universe

Koch Media announces domestic release decision of next-generation SF shooting action chorus ( chorus ) developed by Deep Silver Fishlabs. We have released 101 trailers with Japanese subtitles.

In this work, it was the strongest warrior on the stage of the large universe, but now the galaxy is across the galaxy as a fighter Four Seikun with a female pilot Nara and a perception with a perception. I will go on a journey that destroys the dark cult of the created.

Travel of Atonement

The story of this work challenges the nara that points to the past. Create a galaxy system, cross the world s boundaries, circle and its leaders, and the resistance forces against the great prophets.

Voide ahead

The stage is a new world that is full of mystery and conflict. A large space station and a strange different dimension, such as a strange different dimension, will adventure a large space, and unfilled a refreshing unbitous air battle with magnificent space and narrow transparent passages. In this work, the scale feeling and power of space search coexist with the hypercle action with thrilling.

1 pilot, one spaceship, and one living weapon

A powerful weapon and combat upgrade characteristic of each are available. Do not use the distinctive drift system provided on spaceships, super capabilities, instantaneous movement, and destructive special abilities such as fitness, destroy enemies and huge battleships. If you combine your abilities, you will be the ultimate birth weapon.


An attractive game experience for 1 person

Nara and its buddy manipulate two protagonists of fighter Four Seikun equipped with AI with her perception, and go on a trip to atonement

Experience the spirit of the old-fashioned space shooting game, and experience intense action at high pace

Circle and its horrible leaders, fighting to combine resistance forces against great prophets

Featuring a Huge Battleship, a Huge Battleship, a Huge Battleship, and a Mysterious Void

Release powerful weapons and upgrade and use it in unbisticated air battle

Adventure a new SF world with a mystery and conflict, dark and new SF world

From magnificent space stations to a vast space station, you can see the next generation of beautiful SF video at 4K

Domestic edition Chorus is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2022 for Windows (Steam / Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE. Some stores are also started with reservations.

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