Everspace 2 The fourth star system is open to you

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EVERSPACE 2 has received its third big update that expands the Sci-Fi game to expand new places, missions and enemies.

The development of Everspace 2 is progressing well, even if the Hamburg developer Rockfish Games is now aiming for a final publication in early 2023 and no longer in the coming year. Now the team has published the third large content update called Khaït Nebula: Stranger Skies for his space game that has it. The greatest innovation is certainly the title, fourth star system Khaït Nebula, in which you expect not only new main and co-missions, but also threats. with which you have not already done it. There is the new opposing faction of the speemers, a cult of scientists who serve The Ancient. In addition, there are alien life forms – something that can not be seen in games of this kind.

The story enlargement also brings a new companion: Khala is Navigator and belongs to a previously never made species. After you have unlocked you over the main story, you can develop your Perks, which the star map add additional details that are useful for the Completionists among you, and the speed trip through the Everspace 2 galaxy enable.

A new ship class also made it into the game. With the Heavy Fighters you are not very mobile, but you divides powerful and can use drones that support you in the fight. Otherwise, the Khaït Nebula: Stranger Skies update has many smaller supplements in the luggage: new puzzle mechanics, other resources, a new pulsed type, sound effects for projectiles, more music and a lot more. Last but not least, the step limitation has risen to Level 20.

Rockfish has already announced the next update. This should appear in the spring of 2022 and bring another star system into play. However, new story content will not exist. The developers say that just under 70 percent of the campaign is included in Everspace 2, the rest wanted to pick up for the final version. However, the upcoming update will already offer a small view of the endgame and the third type of light hunters, so you would still expect a lot of new content. On top of that, with the spring update, hold several localizations. So far, Everspace 2 is only playable in English, in a few months, it also offers German texts.

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