VALORANT LoL such as Riot title appeared on the Epic Games Store Fortnight collaboration also implemented

Epic Games, the start such as competition FPS VALORANT and MOBA League of Legends ( League of Legends ), the handling of the title of Riot Games at Epic Games Store Did.

So far is Riot Games, which has delivered the work only basically their platform, but by handling is started by Epic Games Store, is likely more options at the time of start-up and installation. It should be noted that, when you download the Riot Games title new Riot client is installed.

Delivery Title List

Riot brings 'League of Legends,' Valorant' and other titles to Epic Games Store
League of Legends


Legend of Runtera

Team Fight Tactics

These titles are already delivered has been started, you can access from the new Riot client by downloading. This collaboration is intended to commemorate the to anime series are Arcane (Arcane) scheduled for delivery at Netflix, the beginning of the story of the champion jinx and that his sister Vai of LoL It will be drawn.

In addition, also announced participation of the Fortnight, jinx. In the history of more than 10 years of Riot Games, it says that it was the first to champion the advent of the competition of the game.

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