Halo Infinite premieres two short films in which she is revealed from where spartans technology comes from

Hallo Infinite is just one of 343 industries and also skybox labs in development video game, which is to be published by the Xbox Game Studios for Windows, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series. The game needs to appear 2021 and also is the following almost all the Halo series. It establishes the tale of the Master Chief in the 3rd chapter of the Reclaimer Legend, according to Halo 5: Guardians as well as will be the 6th video game in the franchise business with Master Chief as a protagonist.

There is little left for Halo Infinite. Less than a month for its official launch, Microsoft and 343 Industries have managed to turn the omelette. In 2020, they received a multitude of criticism for the state in which the game was when they presented it. Now, a year later, the sensations are different, and the graphic comparison between what was before the title and what is now does not leave any doubt.

Therefore, in Xbox are preparing their premiere with a multitude of promotional videos. During the first week of November they have published two short films that they try to help us explain where the technologies that shaped the master chief and the Spartans come from. Videos have been published on the official channels under the name UNSC Archives, and are shot in real action.

The first of them is unspoken. In it, a soldier narrates through the language of signs the death of a partner. With a message addressed to his parents, he talks about David, another soldier who saved many people from a jackal attack. This made use of a technology that would later be reflected in the shield of the master chief.

Origins of “The Weapon”, Cortana’s Younger Sister | Halo Infinite Lore
The second is titled as Project Magnet, and is a longer minute. A UNSC scientist works on creating a device that will be useful to the Chief Master during battle. It is the new hook with which the character will have in this new delivery, which will allow him to attract objects and people and move more speeding about the scenarios.

Hallo Infinite will arrive next December 8 A PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, in addition to being available from the first day at Xbox Game Pass. A few days ago we asked about what the new Gameplay of Infinite has seemed, and the truth is that his reception has been really positive. Even so, it is worth remembering that the campaign will not only be important, but, as it is common in the saga, its multiplayer will be one of the main modalities of the game.

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