Beyerdynamic Singles Day Today 11 off almost Save all the products

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Beyer dynamic Singles Day: Today 11% off (almost) Save all the products! Source: Beyer dynamic at the same time with the start to the carnival season on 11.11. The headphone and microphone specialists of Beyer dynamic have an offer for you. Only today at the Beyer dynamic Singles Day saves you 11% (almost) all products in the Beyer dynamic shop. It does not matter what kind of headset or microphone your addiction: all products are reduced, even cheaper offered B-Ware! Only the recently published Pro X series is excluded from the action. You can easily secure the price reduction in which when shopping at the Beyer dynamic shop, this exclusive discount code encoded: single11

And this is how it works in detail:
1. Visit the Beyer dynamic shop and puts the desired products in the shopping cart. Do not forget the look to the outlet, where you expect overhauled, flawless functioning B-goods at much lower prices (compared to new products).
2 . Give the discount code single11. Only after entering the 11% discount will be deducted from the original sales price.
3 . Closes the purchase. Beyer dynamic gives you the shipping costs within the framework of the Singles Days for all orders over 15 euros.

Beyer dynamic Singles Day: Today 11% off (almost) Save all the products! Source: Beyer dynamic
If you plan to use the action, you should be fast, because the quantities are limited! Wait for too long, it might be that popular headsets like the MMX 300, the TAG TY GR or the DT 990 Pro (as B-Ware) are no longer available. What are you waiting for? From to the Beyer dynamic shop!

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