G4 announces Dungeons TV show Dragons

G4 and Wizards of the Coast have announced a new Mammogram and Dragons television series that will be launched at the end of this month. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Presents: Invitation A Parted is a new weekly series starring B. Dave Walters, Kassel Harambee, Fiona Nova, Indiana (Froskurinn) Black and If Nadine. The series will be the first series of D & D «Real Play» that will be issued on television and will be released in G4 on November 22. The program will also have a live broadcast on Twitch and G4 YouTube, with a participation component of the audience. The spectators who see the live broadcast on Twitch and YouTube will be able to participate in voting in real time that affect the game.

According to Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Invitation A Parted is a limited series that will be executed in several campaigns throughout the year. In addition to the main cast, a rotary list of NPC guests will also participate in the show. The program will be transmitted from the G4 study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a set designed for a tavern known as The Rotting Gut.

D&D Live 2021 Day Two, Presented by G4
G4 and Wizards of the Coast joined for the first time earlier this year with this year s D & D Live, a showcase of the upcoming D & D products and the game itself. D & D LIVE was produced by G4 and was issued simultaneously on several transmission channels of D & D and G4, with celebrity games such as Jack Black, Tiffany Kaddish and Patton Oswald. D & D Live also issued in the Peacock Transmission Service, a novelty for D & D.

Earlier this summer, ComicBook.com spoke with Brian Terwilliger, Vice President of Programming and Creative Strategy of G4, about the Association with Wizards of the Coast. Terwillinger noted that the association was a perfect combination between the two brands. Bringing that experience with the incredible cast that G4 has gathered, plus the power of Wizards of the Coast, only begins in D & D Live, Terwilliger said. The future is brilliant. And I would be totally happy if this association will last forever.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Presents: Invitation A Party will come out to the air on Twitch and YouTube from G4 on November 19 at 3 pm pt. The program will then be transmitted in G4 on November 22 at 6:30 pm pt.

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