UMA search and racetrack STEAM version A train go by train In the tourist plan a new scenario or building is added

Art Din and Komodo published the information of the additional elements of the STEAM version A train to go by train to the train to go on the STEAM version A train that will be launched on December 8 as the game brand Device Games.

This work is a PC transplanted version of urban development railway simulation released for Nintendo switches in March. The player has added the element of sightseeing in the series of trains to develop the city as the president of the railway company, and the characteristics of the series that can taste the service of the manager shaft by the railway is the popular tourism A new element is added to create a ground.

The content of this time is the information of the new element added in such a STEAM version. Completely new scenario Find Nushi and Proven Rail will be added. Also, as an element that can be varied rich in tourist destinations, new buildings Villa Racecourse Tower 3 Palm Tree appears as a city s facility Roadside traffic Vehicle cleaning system and route guidance (Sign 20) Curve mirror will be placed.

Railyard Construction and Train Running | Railroads Online Gameplay
Tourist planning to go by train STEAM version is scheduled to be released on December 8 for 7,678 yen. Package version is also scheduled to be released at the same time.

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