Unity Simulation Pro System Graph Released

[INTERNATIONAL Unity has released a Unity Simulation Pro and a Unity SystemGraph.

Unity explained that two products have developed simulation performance, saving fast, simple, costs, and simulations can be conducted.

Unity Simulation Pro is a product that is made to provide distributed rendering from the design phase and is provided with dedicated engineering support that processes the modifications and requirements of certain usage cases. Developers can quickly proceed with the real-time simulation rate, faster and testing.

Unity system graphs are an explanation that can be easily extended to a complex system in a small system through an intuitive and easy framework. Robotics and engineers can use system graphs to prepare the prototype of the system and test and analyze behavior, and can make optimal design decisions without using real hardware.

The Unity Simulation Pro provides headless rendering that does not need to project each image on the screen, greatly reducing overhead costs and increases simulation efficiency up to 50%.

Danny Large The artificial intelligence and a machine of unity is a simulation to be very complex, large environments, numerous sensors, and many avatars and agents are required, said the difficulties have been required.

The Unity Simulation Pro is made for large-scale composite simulations, and the product will be able to faster and faster in various industries, and it will be possible to implement autonomous systems.

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