Xbox Series X S gets 70 more downward compatible Xbox original and Xbox 360

The Xbox Series X / S has since its launch just under a year a comprehensive downward compatibility for Xbox 360 and Xbox original titles, the Xbox One also offers this feature. Much new growth, however, did not receive the available library in recent months. Until now.

For how Microsoft announced in the big stream on the occasion of the 20th Xbox birthday, today whopping 70 additional titles are added to the downward compatibility portfolio. Among other things, including a number of Xbox 360 titles that fans have long wanted for a long time for the function, e.g.:

The complete Max Payne series
All games f.e.a.r row
Skate 2, the missing part of the skate franchise

The over 20 new downward-compatible Xbox original games include Dead Or Alive Ultimate and Jedi Knight 2.

Backward compatible with many goodies

However, the games are not simply playable on the Xbox Series X / S, many getting some improvements to Microsoft s Next Gen systems.

All new AK games support Auto-HDR, provided you have a display that can display HDR effects. For more information about Auto-HDR you best read our review item.

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11 The 70 titles get an FPS boost, so in comparison with the originals with twice the frame rate. For those who want more backgrounds for this feature, colleague Chris wrote an article:

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The new Xbox original titles run in significantly higher resolutions, on the Xbox Series X for example in the fourfold resolution.

A complete list of new downward-compatible games has already released Microsoft, you will find it here. For more information on backward compatibility, we recommend our great review.

Are you looking forward to the new entries?

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