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At the latest since the Blazon 2019, the people of Blizzard know that Gamer not only own PCs and consoles, but also smartphones. From the large announced mobile-offensive for the mobile phone you can not feel much, apart from many a Diablo-Immortal-Alpha times. But hey! Time and again Plot on the website of Blizzard new job postings for unannounced mobile objects. One of these job offers now indicates a mobile game for Watch.

Leak: Overwatch AUM Mobile phone?

OVERWATCH MOBILE will SAVE Overwatch 2… Maybe
Overwatch 2 was recently moved to 2023 (or SO). Before we can admire the second part of the team shooter on PC and console, the mobile version could already land in our hands before. In the job advertisements from Blizzard is a position for Product Manager, Mobile Project. The job description states:

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented and enthusiastic product manager who helps us create the best mobile gaming experiences in the world. This person will work on several titles: Diablo, Overwatch (Buy Now €62,89), Hearthstone and many more fantastic games.

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What does the Overwatch Leak mean?

Considering that the job is depreciated exclusively for mobile games, this indicates that an Overreach Mobile is on the way and in development. How advanced are working and whether it is a sequel or standalone game, however, is unclear. So this leak can be enjoyed with caution. It would be time; Other team and online shooters have been for the phone for years, such as Fortnite.

Currently, the developers of Blizzard officially work on the publication of Diablos Mobile version Immortal, which was now, 2022 will appear and soon to go to the Closed Beta.

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