New World Players can not pay the property tax of the cities again

Amazon once again disabled the Tale transfer in New World. The reason for this was a new exploit, through which player duplicated the rare trophies and sold for a lot of money. Amazon has already locked most of the Exploit users, but the economy is still offline.

Just like the last time, however, a few problems arose. For example, taxes of the title can not be paid.

Tale transfer disabled again, players can not pay taxes

As Amazon the last time the economy deactivated, players complained that they could not pay the taxes for the cities. This worsened the individual crafting stations of the cities gradually, as no one could pay for maintenance for them.

Improving the crafting stations is not too easy process and requires a lot of talers. After the economy in the game came back into the corridors, players almost had to start from the beginning. Unfortunately, Amazon has probably not learned from their mistakes and since the economy of the game has recently been deactivated, players can not pay the property tax of the cities.

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Also, the auctions of numerous players currently run simply because this no one can buy. The players have to redeem many auctions again, which beats in addition to the purse.

These issues were already reported to Amazon when the Tale transfer has been deactivated the last time. So it s a bit strange that the developers make it as well as before. Maybe they did not expect that the economy has to stay offline over several days.

From Daniel Link

16.11.2021 at 18:01

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