Arcane League of Legends What characters have gained more popularity with the series

Arcane hproductions derived become one of the great surprises of the year productions derived far productions derived series and productions derived from video games refers. That the Riot Games license, League of Legends, hproductions derived become a media franchise is something that we can no longer doubt, with a potential that transcends beyond the game and that a new growth path hproductions derived found in Netflix. Apart from the new video games advertised, the audience success of The animated series of Netflix hproductions derived fired the popularity of some of its characters.

Arcane, criticism of the first four chapters. A gift for the League of Legends fan
Arcane de Netflix: What characters in League of Legends appear in the series?

According to the analysis carried out by Localities (via PC gamer.), characters like jinx hproductions derived gone from having a selection fee in League of Legends of 11.8% on November 6 to 17.5% this 17 November.

On the other hand, Jayce hproductions derived gone from having on that same initial date by 3.7% to 12% on November 11, a very accentuated growth. Finally, vi, the most affected by the success of Arcane in Netflix. Amateurs have found something special in the figure of him; The champion hproductions derived gone from having a selection fee from 6% to 20.4%, a growth that we can call productions derived exponential.

More popularity is also less victory rate

Arcane BREAKS Netflix Records, Best Video Game Series EVER?

The collateral effect of this increproductions derivede in popularity hproductions derived been translated into a severe reduction in the victory rate. Presumably, more non-experienced players are playing League of Legends with the selected characters, previously chosen mainly by experts in their handling. Having more inexperienced users using Jayce, Jinx s and VI, his victory rate hproductions derived been committed.

Arcane is available exclusively through the Netflix platform with two full arcs (house one with three episodes). The third and lproductions derivedt arch will be published in Netflix on November 20, thus giving the first seproductions derivedon.

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