Diablo 2 Resurrected The next patch meets PC

Blizzard has the next big update for Diablo 2: Resurrected revealed. The patch 2.3 will not only provide typical bug fixes, but also build a few new features. The improvements are to iron out some weaknesses of the remasters and fulfill wishes of the fans. The patch 2.3 should appear in early December, a foretaste, visit Blizzards website (English only). We summarize the changes together.

Finally: Talent Bar and Quick Cast for PC gamers

That was overdue: With patch 2.3 should in future also mouse and keyboard players use a talent bar. Moreover, their ability can now trigger directly by pressing a button instead of selecting them first and then use a click. These Quick Cast function is in the genre has long been standard, but Blizzard initially had concerns, so too far removed from the original gaming experience. Meanwhile, however, it has become clear that many PC gamers wish for the feature (also we have the lack criticized again and again). The talent bar will look like with a mouse and keyboard but unlike with a game pad: completely replace the HUD Instead, a new set of buttons is simply appearing at the bottom menu area. These buttons you can then use the Function Keys. In addition, your skills can also use as usual with the old control — the new skill bar remains, is entirely optional.

Here you can check out the new talent bar for mouse and keyboard in action view.

Now on consoles: Your offline are allowed to change the number of players

Who wants Diablo 2 play offline, has always been the possibility of a number of useful console commands to use on the PC since. A popular option here was the / players command that can be simulated a higher number of players. The game then think youre having a party on the way; thereby increasing the life points of the opponent, but also the amount of experience points they throw at her death. Also, the loot drop rate to be improved thereby. So far, this feature was only PC gamers reserved, but with the patch 2.3 also console gamers to be considered: In the future you can adjust the options menu and thereby increase the difficulty the simulated number of players using the slider.
On consoles, you can while offline soon the number of players simulate. Source: Blizzard

Further improvements in Patch 2.3

Unbelievable Amazing Changes coming to Diablo 2 Resurrected! Patch 2.3 Highlights

The last patches for Diablo 2: Resurrected were intended primarily to get the login and server problems under control. But now the developers want to advance the game itself on many fronts. So Blizzard has, for example, slightly reworked interface, for example, should we as players who have been emitted or ignored, easier to see. In addition, the character level of heroes in the future Lobby displayed, the chat is improved and one should Battle.net-friends can also see the Real ID name of. PVP players can continue to use the miss -Trefferanzeige (see picture below), that you may know more easily when a shock is ineffective. In addition, mouse players automatically receive a new Force Move -Tastenbefehl which your character directs the position of the mouse pointer. PC gamers with Nvidia graphics cards will also be used DSS to achieve or to higher graphics settings at resolutions better performance.
In PVP you realize future easier if you hit an enemy or not. Source: Blizzard In addition, Diablo 2: a Public Test Realm (PTR) received Resurrected in the near future for the first time. In this secure environment Blizzard several new features, enhancements, and above all changes to the database will test out in this way will we continue to improve the extremely bumpy online experience.

The patch 2.3 to Diablo 2: Resurrected appear at the beginning of December.

Are you satisfied with the innovations and improvements? What updates wish her to you for the future? Leave us your opinion! Wanted to stop by we know in our large survey in which by our readers what they Diablo 2: Resurrected think what works well and to remaster does not go far enough. We also have a greater wish for Diablo 2: Resurrected — in this special, we have compiled a list of things that we want for future patches.

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