New Survival Game in the Middle Ages lays top start on Steam

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A brand new medieval game on Steam advertises with beautiful graphics, tremendous battles and many freedoms. Although there is a lot of criticism from the players, it already ends up a day after the release in the top 10 Steam Bestseller.

Middle Ages Survival on Steam: What is Myth of Empires?

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Survival games in the Middle Ages have become a popular genre at the latest since Latham. Also, the Newly published Myth of Empires throws you again in a huge sandbox, in which you can do and let me do what you want. Although the game is still an early access version, it already conquers a day after release the seventh place on the steam top seller list.

Myth of Empires leads you to a ancient eastern continent, where you must survive first time. The description on Steam promotes that you build your own home, recruit armies and finally go into battle. But you can also connect together with friends and include alliances with other guilds.

Steam players give mixed reviews

The Steam community is currently not sure what to keep you from Myth of Empires. So far, only 62 percent of the 662 user reviews rate the game positively. The players praise the beautiful world as well as the survival and crafting elements of the game. However, there is also criticism: according to the players, the start is very repetitive, and the combat system must still be improved.

The Early Access phase of Myth of Empires should now take twelve months, with delays not excluded. Even if the game is already relatively complete, among others animations and effects will be improved in upcoming updates and new content is added.

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The Survival game Myth of Empires conquers the Steam Top seller list. The Early Access game promises a great world in which you can build your own village and build an army. The players also have a lot of criticism to express.

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