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Susan Indy Connect (BIC) of the G-Star Showcase Booth cleared wrote called hidden gem.

The first is because of the hidden gems was too corny expression, and second, because they had to communicate directly with the audience, and the third is that the exhibition could not have expressed cottage hardly breathe as stand one interesting. So I decided to call it not hidden gem.

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Ill tell the BIC showcase appearance over two days.

TIG people are met

studio two months is a 2D platformer covered the adventures of a rabbit expedition. Paying attention to the problems faced in Montmartre unfortunate reality is an organic rabbit park located in the town Score neutral developed the game, Tuladhar spirits among friends met at the university, and she decided to make a game.

Due to the construction of human beings to meet new animal friends to leave the rabbit in search of a new place to live in the background, or the concept is to collect the coins and find the paradise. I was surprised too cute.

it has been released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch to high-speed action developed by the next stage. Small indie developers next stage of Susan created a console action game to hit the rocks with eggs heart. M recording the current Metacritic 69 points, we aim to get a better assessment receive feedback from users since the launch. Soon it will be able to meet in steam.

Games wand was also switch game. It This could be classified as a puzzle platformer genre is RPG of the story to play a central character in the Half-Blood Witch half banma a new fighting style.

The PC version was released after polished know-how in the hope Smile gate studio plans to release the next version of the Nintendo Switch downward a little difficult to target a broader user. Exotic, dreamy, yet the game was comfortably liked.

Action Games Korea is one of the developer asteroid Jay (Asteroid-J) is being developed. The retro graphic features, you can convert to a prosthetic limb as much as sago the future world as the background to fight against the enemy.

I called the Great testers wife basis in the most difficult in the world, the solution is easier than feeling for the players. CF is expected to be launched next year, will take charge of publishing. Oh, I read the two kanji Ibsen inseam yieotgunyo.

This game is was ending the line in the event. Ideas mobile keyboard rhythm-type games launching on iOS and Android, and there you see the screen you can see the pad controller were inspired by . Ive seen for holding the line for the user in the game show.

Since the line was longer really want to experience this game. Games Que Era has bought the copyright of direct popular song with only deposit tried to make the rhythm of the game, tumble Big pending achieve daegirok of achieving more than 1167% I did.

FBLive - ONLINE Demodag JMA Warm & Cozy met Jenine - 20 nov
Booth, browse seemed possessed by virtue sportive. it was movement of the mobile.

Index game is being developed to create a real mobile area such as Jeongdongjin, Florida, Alaska, the sea the other hand, published a book in more than 100 species of fish. Surprisingly, we were able to develop experience a fishing rod controller that detects motion of the user. Deon really been tried electrolytic weight and movement when fishing. Putting developers also want to try this was interesting. If you are coming to the G-Star I hope you can see it is a gangtaegong.

Google honors the Indie Games Festival Top 3 inside of the seen game.

Came the attending companies to try and develop a birch door tongue representatives were holding bugs me when a reporter found a field holding a laptop. Seen arem borrowing came from the name of the daughter of doors representatives index simple mobile game runs a tight main road and steer the mobile device with a touch really came out neatly. Personally, I felt I grab a police chase in .

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