Asmongold wants a FFXIV

With the success of Riot s new, on League of Legends-based Netflix series Arcane, Gamers have recently been thinking about how other large franchises could benefit from a similarly designed show. For some, Final Fantasy is a prime example.

Since the return of Mongol to Twitch, the streamer transfers next to New World again hardworking Final Fantasy 14 online (Buy Now €25.98). Since July of this year he streams the MMO, which has thus received much attention. In his stream, he recently asked Square Enix to publish a Final Fantasy series in the style of Arcane.

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Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By Final Fantasy XIV | First Time Playing

Would not be the first successful Final Fantasy film adaptation

A spectator in the chat was surprised that Mongol was a fan of the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, whereupon the streamer replied, F K Yeah, Bro, What do you mean? Hell Yeah!

Since Final Fantasy has a proven success story with popular films such as Advent Children, Mongol believes that the success of FFI could lead to a series based on the history of Korea. With the End Walker extension, which is only a few weeks away, there will be a total of four different extensions that could work with a potential cartoon series, not to mention the history of the basic game. Maybe Square Enix is ​​already taking notes.

Would you look at an animated cartoon series about the story of Final Fantasy? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.


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