Aue Helge Leonhardt demands Football Lockdown

Three of the last five league games, the previously winless Erzgebirge AUE recently won and thus released from the depths of the table cellar of the 2nd league. Nevertheless, President Hedge Leonard pleads in the picture due to the corona crisis for an interruption of the game operation: We need a football lockdown until the end of December. The next four weeks are extremely difficult for our country and make us a tearing sample. There If clever and arranged actions be asked, without chaotic actions.

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Such a proposal had not made a football official before Leonard. In the Ore Mountains, the incidence was 1346.4 on Tuesday. We just have to put the protection of people in the foreground, role models, said Leonard at Sport in East. The fancy games could be made up in January and February in English weeks.

The DFL responded on Wednesday morning with a statement on Twitter and gave Leonard’s idea a clear cancellation: The coordinated line of all 36 clubs has always been to act on the basis of state specifications since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. A self-radiated, nationwide Lockdown in the sense A season interruption is therefore not an issue.

Erzgebirge Aue | Helge Leonhardt:
So the ball continues to roll, but in AUE due to the regulation in Saxony, however, from empty ranks. On Saturday, the violets receive the current leader SV Darmstadt 98.

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