LOL Yorick increases his bugs increasingly after the arrival of the preseason 2022

The preseason 2022 of League of Legends is being quite moved due to the numerous changes in the objects and runes that have favored and disadvantaged to different champions within the loyalty crack. But There is a particular character that has been quite annoying after these changes: BRICK. The pastor of the lost souls has received enough bugs as a result of changes for the new season that Riot Games must correct. Through a publication on Reddit, we have been able to compile all the bugs that has found the People and the developer should solve if they want it to be functionally affordable for the upper lane.

beings of the fog attract the aggro to Yo rick (new)
The beings of the fog do not use the runes correctly well
The Lady of the Mist Stay quite standing when she hits a goal even though Yo rick came out of the control range (new)
Certain champions benefit a lot of these bugs and make a difference in single lines, such as Led with their E
Gallo can go out from Yo rick w (new)
The lady of the mist may appear and do not die if Yo rick dies at the same time, which activates again the definitive Yo rick and allows you to have more than one lady at the same time (new).

The lady of the fog can appear within the definitive of Mordajaiser and remain alive even despite Yo rick’s death.
Yo rick pets do not use objects well for their benefit (new).
The Yo rick Slips either Gold of the Plates of the turret if Yo rick is not close even though they inflict the damage to the turret. (Except for if they beat him for the last time).
Yo rick’s wall only gives AGO of the turret if the enemy is hit inside the wall, instead of entering and leaving.

The elevation of the Yo rick Wall can block allies for a millisecond and often redirect the route.
Fog beings often jump to whether Yo rick throws E too close to the enemy target.
The beings of the fog will not jump the walls if you use the E on a goal that is directly next to the wall.

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