DFB candidate talks about positive reactions

DFB Presidential Candidate Bernd Vendor has received positive reactions after the announcement of his application. I got a lot of encouragement from the colleagues, said Bettendorf in Cologne the German Press Agency.

To his program, the President of the Association Mittelrhein (FM) does not want to comment on publicly. We go one step after the other, he said, My first contact persons will be the regional and national associations, but also the league and clubs, if desired. And I think it’s a stylish approach when the colleagues first Learn from myself how I want to tackle the task.

The new DFB boss is elected at the Bundestag on March 11, 2022, in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to the 60-year-old Bettendorf, the current DFB interim leader Peter Peters wants to run. This could come to a fight candidacy. A twin peak reject the amateur representatives.

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At the presentation event of Cologne as a location of the EM 2024 in Germany Bettendorf told with a smile: My life sorts to world and European championships. And an EM in Germany is rare. The last is 36 years ago, that’s half a generation, That’s why that’s very special. Since Cologne is located in his association area, Bettendorf announced a whole bouquet of events around Cologne. The whole thing is very basic-oriented. The aim is that we come out of this tournament, with significantly more people who actively engage in football.

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