Klopps Anecdote When Rangnick constantly called

Maybe Jürgen Klopp is completely glad that he played with Liverpool a month ago against Manchester United. Because Ralf Rang nick is at the Red Devils from a commitment to the Interim Trainer, he expects that they will soon be completely different from at that time at the 0: 5 against Liverpool.

Unfortunately, a good coach comes to England, Kl opp said on Friday in the usual Ducts. Ralf is a very experienced coach, who has shaped two clubs from nothing to real threats in Germany with Cofferdam and Leipzig. And united will be well organized on the court, that should be clear to us. Of course, these are not good news for other teams.

The only but who sees Kl opp for Rang nick — and he also emphasized the word especially: How all the coaches in the world do we need time to train with our teams. And Ralf will notice pretty fast that he does not have time will be because he plays all the time.

That man united because a very good guy and outstanding coach has committed, which is pretty much considered in German soccer, is obvious for Kl opp. He had already learned that painfully than he first opposite the Rangoon in the second league season 2001/02.

We met for the first time when he was Hanover coach, the reigning FIFA World Trainer told a small anecdote: He might not know that anymore, but he always played a week later against our opponents. That’s why it has He, the Great Ralf, called me, the young Mainz coach, and asked many questions. He has received all the information he needed. The result: They have risen, we do not.

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