Pok mon Go Management Tour

After the Kant tour in the spring of 2021 happened in Pokémon Go nothing more in terms of such an event. Instead, the Pokémon GO followed in summer, and we have been in event continuous stress for months, thank months for months.

So far, it is not yet officially known which will start from 1 December 2021 in Pokémon Go for a season. But is the outlook for the 10th season of the Kampala already a hint? Yes!

Photo tour in February 2022?

The 10th Kampala season starts on November 29th of November 2021. And that not only waits with all kinds of rewards on the PVP-affines coaches of Pokémon Go, but also with all kinds of Cups. It is particularly interesting because the Photo Cup, which is active from February 21, 2022, to 28 February 2022. Sure, before that there is still a Sinoh-Cup in January, namely from the 10th to the 24th. January 2022. But February is more interesting, because in the previous year, the Kant Tour was held at the time and anyway follows Kant — with a view of the game generations — just Photo.

The interesting thought that could take place in February 2022 a Photo tour, has written up author Marco Futz from Computer Image, and he leads a few more, possible indications of a Photo tour.

Legends without legendary beasts

Just, until 29 November still, takes place in Pokémon Go the final event at the season of the Schabernback. In the frame there is a legendary RAID hour and a limelight hour on four days. Curiously, Pokémon are represented from the first, third, fourth and fifth generation, but no pocket monsters from the second generation. Coincidence? Or rather not…?

Among other things, the legendary Haiku is still one of the best electrical counters that Pokémon Go has to offer for Mutative players. Why do the brand energy do without this powerhouse?

Mega steels in the march

Apparently, the creators of Pokémon Go also sometime already plan the release of a new mega development, namely mega-steelos. Notes on the Detainees from Poke miners have found a few days ago. And what is Stalls? Of course, a pocket monster of the 2nd game generation.

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In addition, data for new attacks for the two Johto-Legendary’s Ho-Oh and Anti has been found — purifier fire. The idea of ​​a Photo tour is not completely out of the air. Because already after the Kant tour, the players of Pokémon Go asked when the next big event starts. How does it look like, would you look forward to a Photo tour in February 2022?

By the way: The canto tour was announced in the first week of December 2020. Maybe it does not take until we actually have Photo certainty.

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