Gladbach Christoph Kramer speaks about Form depression of Florian Neuhaus

Christoph Kramer von Borussia Mönchengladbach has spoken in the weekly podcast attach times Coupes by Felix and Toni Kroos talked about the mold crisis of his teammate Florian Bauhaus.

I find it crass, how quickly it can go in football and how important this self-confidence is, said Kramer. Bauhaus, in the previous year still one of the shooting stars of the league and the emerging international, comes under the new Playback coach ADI Hunter rarely to the train. At Flo, it is up-to-date that he has no confidence, says the 30-year-old.

Alle richtig?! ???? Lippenlesen mit Christoph Kramer & Florian Neuhaus ????

Bauhaus’ qualities are therefore currently not the light, as Kramer says. Then you have a tender foot, and you make things that you will never do in life.

One of the reasons for Bauhaus’ form crisis is for Kramer of Hype, which was created around the 24-year-olds in recent months. Many transfer rumors ranked around Bauhaus. His teammate looks Bauhaus by the mental location not so safe and believes that the many headlines have made him something with him.

Bauhaus was mapped by transfer rumors with Coat of Arms of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bavaria Munich, Liverpool — after the motto: ‘Just look for an association.’ And now that is just a bit thwarted, though you did not do anything else and have only three months passed.

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Kramer still thinks that Bauhaus will work properly with these new experiences and emphasizes: That’s just a phase that I believe is important for development. Even if you are always thinking about this phase: ‘Both, that’s really necessary no human!’ But there will be there, and he has to come out.

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