Pok mon Go Raid starts today

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SHINY *ZEKROM & RESHIRAM* COUNTER GUIDE! 100 IVs & Moveset - Dragon Raid Boss | Pokémon Go
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Pokemon Go takes place today a raid hour with yeshiva and become. We from Mango have viewed us which counterattacks you should put against the legendary monsters and whether the short event is worth it.

What is a raid hour? Every Wednesday a so-called RAID hour takes place in Pokémon Go, where you can compete for 60 minutes in almost all arenas against the RAIDS bosses of the Level-5-Raids. Today, on 01. December, you meet the legendary Pokémon Yeshiva and Zero.

Raid hour with yeshiva and zero — best counterattack

When starts the Maidstone? As every Wednesday, the Maidstone starts again at 18:00 local time and ends at 19:00 local time. Already before the event, you can see dark eggs about the arenas that displays you the upcoming raids.

The best counterattack against Yeshiva

The legendary Pokémon Yeshiva comes from the 5th generation and is of the type dragon and fire. For this reason, you should put in the fight on the following attackers of the types of rock, floor and dragon (via PokeBattler.com):

Alternatively, the following mega developments are suitable for yeshiva:

Mega Grades with dragon rod and tantrum
Mega-Glurak X with Feuerodem and Dragon Claw
Mega-Glurak Y with feuerodem and dragon claw

The best counterattack against zero

Zero is a legendary Pokémon of the Type Dragon and Electron. It has a weakness against ice, floor, dragon and fairy attacks. Best the following counterattacks (via PokeBattler.com):

In addition, the following mega developments are suitable:

Mega-Glurak X with Feuerodem and Dragon Claw
Mega-Glurak Y with feuerodem and dragon claw
Mega Grades with dragon rod and tantrum
Mega-RexBlisar with powder snow and meteorologist

Is the RAID hour worth with yeshiva and zero?

So high are your WP when catching: After the RAID you can catch YESHIVA and ZERO with the following WP:

YESHIVA: 2,217 WP — 2,307 WP
In wind or sun: 2,771 WP — 2,884 WP
Zero: 2,217 WP — 2,307 WP

For wind or rain: 2,771 WP — 2,884 WP

There are YESHIVA and ZERO as Shiny? Yes, both yeshiva and zero are with a little luck for the first time in their dazzling form to find in the game.

Especially at Zero you have to look closely, because the dazzling specimen differs only by a slight color change of the body from the normal form. SHINY-RESHIRAM, however, recognizes her at the golden stripes.

How strong are you? Both legendary monsters can score points with a strong attack and a decent endurance. YESHIVA and ZERO also include the best attackers in Pokémon Go. And even in the master league both can convince and are a suitable choice (via pvpoke.com).

For whom worth the RAID hour? The RAID hour is worthwhile today for all who are looking for a strong Pokémon for Raids or the Go-Kamfiga. You will find it at both YESHIVA and at Zero.

And even Shiny Hunters are fully at their expense today, because for the first time you can catch yeshiva and zero in their dazzling form. In addition, the RAID hour is ideal for collecting corresponding sweets.

Do you take part in the raid hour today? Which of the two monsters will you definitely secure yourself? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

In the coming weeks, Pokémon Go has a lot. We looked at what events expect you in December and which are particularly worthwhile.

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