The Ascent expands with his first DLC which incorporates new weapons and other incentives

As announced on the shared roadmap a few weeks ago, neon giant and curve digital today launch the first downloadable content of The Ascent. It is CYBERSEX PACK that for 4.99 euros / dollars it incorporates the shooter-rpg a set of weapons, tactical equipment, armor and animated aspects.

The Cybersex Pack is the new collection of Explosives of Cybersex Mega, the largest military technology manufacturer and the main supplier of Corpse, and guarantees to give the user everything they need to continue making a lot of noise in the video game.

Thus, the DLC incorporates two new weapons, the Lanzagranates Newt MEL and the Ballistic Rankin Rifle; as well as a tactical weapon, the GR00P cluster pomegranate. He also cares about the defense of the players by adding the Roadblock vest, the Roadblock thinkers, his head Roadblock and Hard Roadblock helmet. Finally, four new aspects of animated weapons are mentioned.

The fifth Patch of the RPG Shooter is now available The fifth patch of the RPG Shooter is just released, which introduces a new transfiguration function so that each survivor can change his appearance in line with the visual style of the armor of your inventory. There is still a sixth pending update for before the end of the year on the road map. Already in 2022 the second downloadable content will arrive next to the seventh patch.

Meanwhile, you can read The Ascent analysis in 3D Games, which said so in final lines: it offers a global experience so absurdly good that it is impossible not to recommend it to anyone who has a minimum of interest for him.

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