Should you play ELEX before ELEX 2

Alex 2 is the group sequel of 2017, Alex by Piranha Bytes, a new intellectual property that has received mixed reviews but many of many come with good eyes. A playing role-play, the game offers a number of options that affect the general history and the end options that players can see. Being a game based on stories and elections, many players can ask themselves if they should play Alex before Alex 2, and it is a valid question.

Need to play Alex before Alex 2 ?

Short answer: No

Long answer: Alex 2 Do a fairly solid job by informing you about most details, but there is more context that you can get playing the original game, of course. While you play, the characters will continue to tell the background story between them and Tax, offering some knowledge you would have had if you had completed the original game. The mechanics of the game is not very different, but playing the original will also help you better understand how to play effectively. Alex 2.

Elex 2 BETA With C4G & My Gameplay Impressions

Then, no, you do not have to play Alex before Alex 2, but it’s not a bad idea to learn about the world ahead of time!

Save and choose from Alex move to Alex 2 ?

Your Elections of Alex WILL NO You move for Alex 2, since the static decisions of the first game are engraved in stone for the second. By THE with respect to options:

They are static choices. Piranha Bytes analyzed the behavior of the players and discovered that almost 90% of those who finished the game chose the same end. This has now become the officer. So there is no transfer of saved games or anything at all. «

ALEX 2 is a deep game, rich in stories and very exploreable that will be launched in March 2022. For players who are fanatics of the series or who simply seek more information about the new game, they can read our Alex 2 previews here..

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