Halo Infinite Asterix Obelix Farming Simulator 22 The 3 video games of the week


Pushed out almost a year, he’s finally here! Hallo Infinite comes commemorating the 20 years of the Spartan Saga John-117, aka Master Chief, who started his intergalactic adventures on Microsoft’s first Xbox console. We therefore find with a certain pleasure this fps castle of SF and bodybuilder with great reinforcements of special effects. The studio 343 industries book here an open world even more convincing, with a real playground to achieve its ends and overthrow the alliance of several extraterrestrial breeds concerned with enslaving humanity, or even eradicating it. In his pleasant solo campaign to cross, we get closer to a gameplay at the Far Cry of Ubisoft, the challenges are there, but we can blame a lack of life to the nature that stars as far as the eye can see, and who Give all a little cold aspect to our taste. It is, however, in its multiplayer slope, which should expand over the months, that this infinite halo finds its interest, offering the true moment of bravery and the epic assaults that lack its solo adventure. 343 Industries delivers a pleasant game that does not reach the standards of its competitors like Battlefield. Still, this halo still has an undeniable charm, thanks to the humor that accompanies its campaign and its frenzied games in multi.

HALO INFINITE, Microsoft, on Xbox Series X / S, PC and Xbox One.

Aster ix & Felix Baffle all!

The Gauss Warthog is INSANE in Halo Infinite

The two compares created by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny in 1959 conquered almost all the media. And for Christmas, Aster ix and Felix intend to put the atmosphere in the homes with great strokes. The French publisher Microid offers a Beat’em all in the great tradition of the arcades of the 1980s-1990, and even a tribute to the version proposed by INAMI in 1992 soberly rugged aster ix. Almost 30 years later, this Aster ix & Felix baffle them all! Take over and applies to life to our duet of irreducible Gaul, in 2D this time. A style that sticks more to our heroes who will give it to heart joy to return ad palls the Romans still so crazy when it comes to rubbing their fists.

Particularly endearing, this new episode on console multiplies the coins of the eye while the developers of Mr Nut Studio have obviously stolen the Magic Panoramic potion to offer us the best adaptation of this series. One can also emphasize a desire to offer a rather varied gameplay, between blurring and strategy to renew the interest of the players, as well as a mode two players that strengthens its life. A very good surprise.

Aster ix and Felix Baffle them all !, Microids, on Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5

Farming Simulator 22

Already elapsed at more than 1.5 million copies since its release on November 22, Farming Simulator 22 confirms that its audience is still present and addicted to its gameplay. It must be said that the developers of Giant Software propel the agricultural simulation in the high spheres with a know-how that has already proven itself. And if one can always choose between culture and livestock, this edition 2022 introduces the seasons that grow to understand all the constraints, but also immerse themselves for the first time in the production chains. What to become incapable on this business and stay admiring when its small farm starts prospering. The usual gameplay items have not been forgotten and those who swear by a small tractor tour or in combine harvester should know that more than 400 official vehicles have been modeled and are conductible in this exciting new opus.

Farming Simulator 22, Giant Software, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Stadia and Mac.

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