Far Cry 6 Title Update 6 rolled out with improvements

Far Cry 6 has on the Microsoft Xbox consoles Series X | S pattern and Xbox One the Title Update 3rd

The development team undertook the update quality improvements to the current part of the game series and also took care of bug fixes.

Among other things, an error was corrected on Xbox One, could disappear with the weapon attachments.

On Xbox Series X | S, however, the pointer in the menu should stick more if you opened the Military Escalation popup after loading a memory object.

Title Update 3 — Patch Notes

Patch sizes (based on development environment, install sizes will vary for different language packs) :

PC: ~ 8 GB without HD texture pack, ~ 12.4 GB with HD texture pack
PlayStation 4: Between 15 and 21 GB DEPENDING ON language pack
PlayStation 5: 22.75 GB
Xbox One: ~ 10 GB
Xbox Series X: ~ 14 GB
Xbox Series S: ~ 10 GB

Quality-of-life updates

Made several adjustments to reduce the instances where HUD elements would be blocked or hidden, E. G., when changing region.
When starting a special operation, the player joining the co-op session will now be informed Which Special Operation is being started.

Increased mission tracker icon and font size when using the Increased option for UI and fonts scaling under the Vision option menu.
Added MSI Mystic Light RGB support to the game.

New Utility Packs — Coming December 16:

material Pack

Basic Materials Pack: 300 Far Cry Credits
Advanced Material Pack: 1000 Far Cry Credits
Specialist material Pack: 2000 Far Cry Credits

Yarn pesos Pack

Small Yarn pesos Pack: 300 Far Cry Credits
Medium Yarn pesos Pack: 500 Far Cry Credits
Large Yarn pesos Pack: 1000 Far Cry Credits

Bug fixes:


Fixed an issue That Could cause NPC models to become corrupted for player joining a co-op session, after extended to co-op playtime.
Fixed an issue That Could cause enemies to not be shown on the minimal during the Crocodile Special Operation.

Veins: Insanity

Fixed an issue That Could cause the host to be stuck in a black screen after pressing Save and Quit in the final scoreboard.
Fixed an issue did Cause the Self-Help, Dear Diary and Freudian Field Day achievements to unlock not Correctly after meeting the required conditions.



HD Texture Pack — Some assets Appearing blurry

Developer comment: We have made some changes for the HD texture pack on PC That should decrease the blurriness did Appear for some players When Using the HD texture pack. When looking into synthesis reports, we are seeing players using graphics cards with less than 12 GB of VRAM available. When using the HD texture pack with less than the minimum required VRAM available, the performance and the look of the game can be worse than without the pack.

Fixed an issue did Cause the Aim Type and Weapon Wheel Interaction options to reset to default When restarting the game.


Fixed an issue That Could cause the Veins: Insanity DLC to become unavailable When signing out and signing-in to the same Xbox Live profile.
Fixed an issue did Cause players to be Constantly Prompted with a Quit Game message after restarting from Rest mode.

Xbox One

Fixed an issue That Could cause weapons and weapon attachments to disappear.

Xbox Series X | S

Fixed an issue That Could cause the menu cursor to get stuck on screen when opening the military escalation popup after loading a save.

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