Pokemon Dipari Mike The brightness of that time is again The voice of Kokuro Tsugun for the god function after entering the hall of fame

Pokémon’s Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ( Diploma Mike ) is not about 2 weeks, and the trainer who played with the Hall of Fame soon has also increased. So this time, we will introduce an innovative item that will revive the of that time from among the elements after entering the hall.

A DS player that revives the BGM of the DARPA specification

First, after entering the Hall of Fame, let’s visit each room of RSSI Side in the south of Toward City. There is a gathering of the staff members of the same work as NPC and talking to a blonde man will give you an item called DS Player.

DS player is an item that changes BGM to the Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl ( DARPA ) specification. When I actually used, the nostalgic sound source of that time has revived in the present age.

The arrangement of the same work BGM is naturally wonderful, but it is still a thing that is a DARPA era sound source. On SNS, DS player is not too much God. The generation of birds is standing and The generation human beings should definitely get a DS player God item too much, DS player. And the trainer wrapped in nostalgic emotions continued.

By the way, when DS player is started, Pikachu and BUI are the specifications that change to electronic sound. As you know, Pikachu is familiar with Pokémon X · Y to the voiced voice actor OTAN Seeing Value, and Levee is Pokémon Let’s GO! Pikachu… From the Let’s Go! BUI, Voice actor’s 悠 is in charge of the voice.

Two cute cry-hearted voices are likely to throw away, but the original sound voices are also attractive. It will be a luxury that you can change it according to your mood.

If you have not yet obtained DS player, please visit Hotel Grand Lake after entering the Hall of Fame.

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