LOL The worst mechanics of the champions that Riot does not want to see again in the game

The way Riot Games creates the new champions of League of Legends has been changing as the developer acquired experience. A test-based discovery error that the company is particularly proud, but has also led to a series of questionable decisions that would not repeat in case of returning to the past. Among them, there is a particularly interesting one related to the resources used by the characters to attack: Energy.

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The last time Riot Games used the energy in a new champion was zed. Since the Ninja arrived in League of Legends in 2012, the developer has not wanted to repeat with this resource, giving him alone to the characters that already had him when making his corresponding reworks. The reason is that it was a decision without too much sense in terms of gameplay that could only be justified, attending to the common category and history shared by the heroes that use it.

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Riot August, one of the developers of League of Legends champions, has explained that is the worst of all the resources used to create characters. The problem is that energy forces developers to limit the heroes of the ways that they feel worst so much in those who use MANA and those who do not. In the words of the Riot Games employee, it causes that The skill kit does not work in a long-term fight, while you have to adjust it because in the line phase Then with infinite spells.

The latest energy-based champions that have received adjustments have seen their reduced costs to try to avoid these problems and make them look much more than those who do not use resources. However, This makes the single mechanics lose relevance and feel more like a meaningless additive than as something really relevant. A situation that League of Legends wants to avoid at all costs and that we probably do not see again. It could fit in some cases, but it just does not seem worthwhile.

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