Google Play Mobile Games on PCs Google Official App Presentation

Starting next year, it is expected to be able to enjoy the Google Play Store mobile game on a Windows PC without the need for a separate emulator. Because Google had released the official PC support program.

10, no first published Google Play Games on PC ‘(Google Play Games on PC) via Game Awards will allow you to enjoy an unlimited number of games in Google Play on a Windows PC. The initial public offering through a short video feature has attracted attention as an introduction phrase ‘Get ready to play your favorite mobile games on your PC’.

Google Play Games for Windows PC by Google is Coming

In order to use this feature need to download a separate app to your PC. This feature has been no cooperation with other companies made Google’s original technology, the game is a local download format instead of the streaming system. This feature is expected to help expand multi-platform system for smartphones, tablets, etc. in a game played with a Chromebook can be followed on PC, mobile games.

Google Play Games on the PC and supports Windows 10 or higher operating system, it will be released next year.

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