Xbox Doku is now live and show you everything for four hours to the history of consoles

Ninja Garden is a 2004 hack and slash video game developed by Team Ninja as well as published by Team. It was released in March, originally for the Xbox. Gamers manage BYU Hayabusa, a master ninja, in his pursuit to recover a taken sword as well as avenge the slaughter of his clan. It was motivated by Team’s Ninja Garden series, and also is embedded in the very same connection as Team Ninja’s Dead or To life combating video games.
Team developed Ninja Garden for 5 years, targeting a western target market. The game’s physical violence developed problems obtaining content rankings, as well as it was censored in some regions. Taking advantage of the Xbox’s net connection, Team advertised Ninja Garden with a series of global online contests; record-breaking varieties of gamers contended for places in the live last held at the 2004 Tokyo Video Game Program.
Ninja Garden was critically well-known as well as marketed 362,441 copies in The United States and Canada in the first month of launch; nonetheless, Japanese sales were poor. Team Ninja launched two packs of downloadable web content, which were also incorporated into a revamped version, Ninja Garden Black (2005). In 2007, Ninja Garden was ported to PlayStation 3 as Ninja Garden Sigma, with added web content and visual enhancements; this was launched on the portable PlayStation Vita as Ninja Garden Sigma And Also. Ninja Garden was adhered to by Ninja Garden II (2008) and Ninja Garden 3 (2012).
Ninja Garden Sigma was released for the Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One as part of the Ninja Garden: Master Collection on June 10th, 2021.

Who has always been interested in the history of the Xbox console, whose knowledge gap could soon be filled up? Microsoft has now published a documentation series to the history of the Xbox console and shows all heights and depths from the history.

*ALL* Xbox, Playstation + Nintendo Startups! (Unused Brand ID)
Xbox console in the focus of the series

What’s in the series? The series called Power ON: The Story of Xbox shows the history of origin from the original Xbox via the Xbox 360 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X / s. The series is even on the heavy times and technical teething (like the Red Ring of Death of the Xbox 360) of the consoles.

A small taste of the series is available in the following Xbox Trailer:

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How many episodes are there? The Xbox Roku comprises six episodes. Overall, the series comes to a length of around four hours. Thus, every episode goes around 40 minutes. So you can run the series either as a marathon or look comfortably over several days.

Where can I look at the series? The series can be completely free at different providers, including YouTube. It starts with Chapter 1, the beginning of the console business of Microsoft.

Known faces of the Xbox team

The documentation also has some well-known personality of the Xbox team to speak. Among the celebrities, for example, Phil Spencer, the current head of the Xbox department. The fourth episode is likely to delight halo fans, because this is about the Halo series as a flagship for Xbox consoles.

In the comments shows that the series arrives well with the fans. User Horizon Herbs writes, for example:

The entire documentary was amazing from start to finish. That was not a light journey and I have more respect for Xbox.

Some users get through the documentation first correctly, under what harsh pressure the developer team partially stood and what deep it had to live. Many also appreciate the honesty with Microsoft tells the history of the Xbox.

What are your impressions to the Xbox series?

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