3 0 Double packer bear makes the difference against W rzburg

Würzburg’s coach Danny Schwarz brought three new people from the beginning after 2: 2 against Wicket. Schneider, Herded and Herrmann replaced Dietz, Basel and Course in the start of the home.

1860-Coach Michael Killer had little reasons after the 2-0 success in Dortmund to change his initial formation. Since Decker lacked illness due, Linsbichler moved to the first eleven.

KJM | Max GOES CRAZY Aaron Rodgers still owns Bears with 4 TD perform as Packers crush Bears 45-30
At the Wallenberg, the Würzburg Michael Köllners caught the significantly better start and urged the lions far in their half. The lions acted passive and showed particularly vulnerable to the outer paths that played the Würzburg permanently. The result was early high-skilled for the homeowners: Topaz (8.) and Epic (10th) gave the first bulk opportunities, before Topaz brought the ball a short time later in the gate, but in the away stand (13.) — a scarce decision.

Bear and Led make the game on the head

The Würzburg pressure became a little less and the game lost a bit at pace, before then Bear after a beautiful preliminary work of storm partners Led scored 1: 0 for the guests (32.). A short time later Returned then Bar in turn with an exemplary passport, the Led used the 2-0 (37.). The Michael Köllners showed unimpressed and threw everything forward again, but the referee did not show the point (44.) after a possible foul on Topaz — so it was 0: 2 in the break.

In contrast to the first round, the second made significantly fewer highlights. Würzburg lacked the ideas to crack the compact lion defensive, which in turn lurked on counterattacks and hardly developed ahead with the lead in the back. The penultimate in Lisa Three seemed a bit helpless with continuous playing time and did hard to create high-cake. On the other side Bar used the first opportunity again and made relatively simply the 3: 0 final score (71.).

The Michael Köllners thus stuck unchanged in the table cellar and could not reward themselves again. The ice-cold lions go with a victory and rank ten in the table in the winter break, after which they will be Wiesbaden on the Green Walker street. Würzburg must in turn in German.

After the winter break, the Michael Köllners guests on January 16 at the SC VERY, Munich welcomes the SV Wiesbaden a day before.

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