The 30 most anticipated video games of 2022

It should be noted that this ranking presents the games according to their release date. It will be brought to be updated regularly.

Genuine carton with its online multiplayer mode, Rainbow Six: Siege (released in 2015) will handle its successor subtitled extraction. In this new tactical shooter opus, it will be necessary to lead special forces against a parasite with superhuman force. Its asymmetric gameplay will allow teams to combine their talents to identify and eradicate the threat. A real cooperative game that will open the Blockbusters Ball from this beginning of the year at Ubisoft. It will be published on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

Unveiled in the 25-year festivities of the Pokémon franchise this year, the future big project related to Pokémon on Switch wants to be ambitious. Title Legends Pokémon: Areas, this new game returns the trainers of small monsters in a distant past. It should more than ever push the open world experience, to encourage players to venture further to discover new creatures. Appointment is therefore taken on Switch to open the year.

Mixing the mechanics of the action-RPG and the first person shooting game, Dying Light 2: Stay Human confronts the player to a zombie world. Promising a solid open world and a gameplay based on exploration, the ingredients are here together to please at least as much as the first opus released in 2015. A survival Horror to watch on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Even on Switch (via the cloud).

Genuine arcade legend in the 1990s, the saga the king of fighters will offer a 15th Canadian opus on February 17, 2022. INK promises 39 characters playable at the launch of its 3D Boston game that looks particularly punchy. If it will always be possible to train its fighters’ teams for one to two players locally, its online version should allow eight players to engage in a clash in turn. The game is expected on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and PC.

Genuine graphic slap, Horizon Forbidden West is the Suite of Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the best games in the PS4 era. We will find his Ally heroin who will visit this time the western part of the American continent in a techno-prehistoric post-apocalyptic world where the robots carry the dinosaurs. If little information has filtered, we count on Guerilla Games to offer us an open world worthy of the Next-Gen. A launch date is always fixed as of February 18, 2022, by Sony.

Proposed by the Japanese studio fromSoftware, creator of Dark Souls, Senior and Blood borne, and George R.r. Martin, father of the Saga Game of Thrones, Elder Ring is probably the game that fuses the curiosity of the pure and hard gamers. A work that promises to be very ambitious since it will be an open world where the Dark Fantasy, which inspires his creators, will highlight a particularly dark universe where it will be necessary to overcome the legendary monsters. And if perseverance will remain the keyword of this game, one looks up again the quality of the artistic direction of this adventure game planned for early 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

Still counting its irreducible fans since its first opus launched in 1997, the Saga Gran Tourism should again roll mechanics during the year to celebrate its 25 years. Moreover, the limits of automobile simulation in terms of realism, this exclusive PlayStation 5 intends to compete with its rival Fora Motorsport 8 provided on Xbox Series X / S and PC. Sony advance the date of 4 March 2022 for this 7th canonical component on PS5. But beware, the series also has become the existing specialist repelled.

A new tactical RPG should be noticed on Switch next March. Triangle Strategy takes up the HD-2D engine developed by Square Enix for excellent sociopath Traveler. If some see it the heir of the flamboyant Final Fantasy Tactics (1997), we are entitled to hope for a great game dotted with intrigues and conspiracies.

Always thought to have fun, the Lego Star Wars games will come back to the front of the scene next year. Titled: The Saga Skywalker, the title of TT Games will propose to relive the whole of the genealogy (the 9 episodes) and its strong moments. LEGO requires, everything will be held in a good child atmosphere, especially since parody should be ubiquitous. A family title scheduled for the spring 2022 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC.

Released in 2007, the first part of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadows of Chernobyl had then remembered for his post-apocalyptic world and pushed his side game of survival. Announced for several years, its direct sequel should finally point the tip of his nose in April. Initially scheduled on PC and Xbox series, this FPS promises to return us in his dystopian future where the radiation has caused heavy mutations. And the first images suggest a game especially beautiful graphically, but it will have the faint of heart to survive in this hostile world.

For spoken looks like a title that will fully enter into the Square Enix Next Gen, since this is an action that must exploit the technical capabilities of SP5 and PCs. At the helm of this action-RPG, there is the Luminous Studio Productions, with developers who had worked on Final Fantasy XV. In a breathtaking visual beauty, this title will put forward a heroine who inherited superhuman power through a parallel dimension. For spoken should appear in spring 2022.

Kirby, the cute pink Nintendo ball, should offer a new adventure noticed. Announced for the 2nd quarter of 2022, Kirby and the Forgotten World will be exclusive Switch. Above all, this colorful title will be the first open-world hero Wolverine accustomed until now to video traditional platform games. An album that should especially delight the youngest.

While GTA V continues to provide content for its fans since 2013, his saga rival Saints Row will offer a new generation reboot to take advantage of new consoles and graphics cards. Scheduled for August 23, Saints Row will invite the world to return to lawless Santa Less giving free rein to his impulses arsonists for fun to take power from the underworld-armed. The title therefore be released on PC, Xbox and PS5 Series, but also on PS4 and Xbox One.

Promised for years by Bethesda, Star field promises to be a challenging role-play to project ourselves into the future, the head in the stars. Its creators, already behind games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, hear gratify us a space exploration game demanding. Note that it is possible to do in order in the first person or third person, as was the case with their previous productions. However, it will wait until November 11 next year to discover only on Xbox and PC Series.

Masterpiece acclaimed upon its release in March 2017 to support the launch of the Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will erect a result, already announced by Nintendo at E3 2019. With the 2021 edition of the fair gaming, Nintendo promises that after this treasure should appear in 2022, still on Switch. The new trailer shows land of Rule devastated, while many places have high into the air. This will require not only explore this gigantic world open on the floor, but also in the air as the heavens bring a vertical dimension to the explorers who thirst for freedom.

Batman Gotham died and left prey to all the villainies. Fortunately for this city sinking, succession is there with Batgirl, Robin, Night wing and Red Hood. Four justices who should take over in the future action game open world that invites to rub most super villains of the saga of The Dark Knight. A game to closely follow that will include playing solo or with a sidekick to keep order.

Other expected success Switch on next year Platoon present its 3rd canonical opus. Back in Larousse Opposed to multiplayer games (4 against 4), which should delight younger players. He still will Foot a repaint area and daub its opponents with the color of his choice. A single player mode will also learn the world of Platoon in this new episode provided only on Switch.

Mario + Rabbis, Ubisoft had on Switch card by proposing a strategy game totally fun and accessible from 2017. In 2022, the publisher renews its agreement with its zany candor and Nintendo characters for a new episode of stamped Sparks hope (the sparks of hope). A family game that should be one of the hits of the Switch 2022.

It was through a four-minute trailer that Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XVI. A saga subscribes to Sony since the episode VII released in 1997 on PlayStation. In this 16th installment Canonical, the saga seems to pour into the dark fantasy (very fashionable with the Game of Thrones series and Dark Souls games, etc.).

The trailer suggests that a new war should tear the kingdoms, while an action-oriented combat system in the manner of FFV should be of the game. No release date was announced during this sequence, whose images were drawn from a version being developed on PC. A launch window in 2022 is mentioned by the specialized press to celebrate the 35 years of saga, but it will probably be patient.

Expected for 2022, God of War: Ragnarök is still struggling in information. In the light of the first trailer, however, it is known that the game should resume where you left Rates and his Son Atreus at the end of the magnificent God of War (2018) on PS4. Our duet should continue its quest for revenge with the gods of Scandinavian mythology. Thor will be of the part, if we refer to the end of the previous opus. Expected exclusively on PS5, this suite could mark the spirits next year.

After creating the surprise in 2019 with an adventure game superbly realized by the French of Solo Studio, a plague Tale offers a sequel entitled Requiem. The first unveiled trailer lets imagine the return of the little Hugo and his great Sister Alicia in a medieval universe where the plague and the violence remain the sad daily they share. An expected sequence on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, during next year.

Another big license of the Microsoft Portfolio, Fora Motorsport should afford an eighth canonical opus in 2022. The first teaser unveiled gives to see a livery even stronger aesthetically, around a series that has already proven itself. A simulation-oriented title, unlike the recent Fora Horizon 5 more arcades.

While the next series The Lord of the Rings is announced on Amazon Video Prime for September 2, 2022, the lovers of the Tolkien world will also be able to find him on consoles and PC next year. Without the accurate date of exit, the Lord of the Rings: Gollum, will highlight the famous creature who held the sacred ring before Bilbo does not derogate him. A game that will be more infiltration and reflection, while exploring the terrifies of the Mordor.

Harry Potter’s universe always remains very present in the imagination of children, teens and adults who have read or even her peregrinations at the Sorcerers School. And this transgenerational franchise still nourishes many fantasies, including that of fully penetrating it to test its magic wand. It’s good because it’s all the principle of Hogwarts legacy. An adventure game in open world that invites to embody its own wizard in the famous Academy of Magic. Impressive graphically, this blockbuster should be more in 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

2022 will mark the return of the flamboyant Witch Bayonet ta for a 3rd opus on Switch. An action game signed Platinum Games that should very largely talk about it next year. Still little information has filtered, but if we refer to the previous shutters, our surrogate witch should come together again among the demons. Baroque and Barre, Bayonet ta 3 already looks like a future hit.

Reference RPG For those who experienced the Super Nintendo era, Star Ocean will offer a new adventure in the course of next year to celebrate the 25 years of the series. Subtitled The Divine Force, it decorates its universe combining SF and Fantasy. We are hopeful to see a hit in power, especially since the Trace studio remains at the orders of his baby and the first items give to see an ambitious graphic game. To follow in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

Announced thanks to a cinematic as fascinating and bloody during the 2019 Blazon, Diablo IV intends to resume its title of Signer of the Hack’n Slash. We find all the elements that have forged the image of this mythical saga. If no release date is announced, one crosses your fingers for availability by the end of next year on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Sega did not forget her little blue hedgehog who celebrated her 30 years in 2021. While Sonic 2 movie was expected for next year, Sega will enjoy it to offer a brand-new adventure to her fast hero as lighting : Sonic Frontiers. Still little information has been shown, except for a trailer that lets hope for an ambitious game in open world. A first for Sonic.

Advertised on PS5, Xbox Series and Switch, Little Devil Inside is not a blockbuster. But the Neo stream studio is working hard on this project since 2016 to deliver a game that could be one of the unexpected nuggets of 2022. His singular world lets imagine a truly original adventure, based on exploration and survival.

After launching his first adventures on Nintendo 64, then on Xbox 360, Agent Joanna Dark should resume service in a very immersive cyberpunk universe. A first trailer was broadcast at the end of 2019 to formalize the arrival of a new exclusive episode to Microsoft machines. Few elements have filtered, but one can imagine a title provided for the end 2022 or even 2023.

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