`Emoticon Releas Vampire War` Nintendo Switch Released on the Korean Panel 28th

Rise To Interactive (H₂ Interactive, Representative Huh) is a Palindrome Interactive Development and a Turnkey Strategy Game to publish Calypso Media Digital (Calypso Media Digital) Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars) ‘Nintendo Switch Korean Panel was officially released today (December 28) Nintendo E Shop and Online Store.

‘Emoticon Release: Vampire War’ is a strategy simulation game that is a dark vampire world. Strategic elements that govern the turf battle and card game elements, and the rule of the kingdom are harmonious and invited to the world of mystery filled with fear and legends.

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Since the similar, the ancient Dracula have dominated the Women’s Women’s Women’s Blood Throne. In this craze, Bamboo Pirates shall make the fare festival of humans. The vampire monarchy blades with eternal love are kept, while the Cecilia Dracula is kept, and the harsh peace between immersion and mortality is maintained under the conditions that are willing to devote blood.

The east side is the desolate plains of the land of death. I can not live a single normal human being this cursed bulb, but this is a place where I am hiding the world of North Peru nus hiding the opportunity to corrupt the world of living people.

On the other hand, there is another vampire family Moroni in the north of the north. Soon to these, the magic means magic, and their Chad Chan is full of magic. Moroni of the Moroni, a mountain, can not dare to dare the banquet of blood.

While the females vibrate, the red moon in the dark night sky. Now that the war of vampires is approaching in front of the nose, no one can be safe.

‘Emoticon Release: Vampire War’ Nintendo Switch For more information on Korean version, see official homepage, Facebook and YouTube, and Nintendo Online Store.

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