Twitch grows 45 compared to the previous year and demonstrates that the platform has no roof

It seems that there is no doubt that Twitch has become the preferred platform by streamers and content creators in recent times. And so the data is reflected if we analyze the figures that the mark has harvested in that place along 2021.

According to data provided by Games industry, Twitch has increased its visualizations by 45% with respect to the data obtained by 2020. A fairly considerable growth that reflects how it has become the entertainment platform par excellence, removing the post to television.

Although video games are the main content claim of Twitch, we have ever seen more categories that have aroused the interest of viewers. A fact that has even given foot to controversies, as in the case of hot tubes.

In total, 24,000 million hours of visualizations have been exceeded. As we told you a few days ago, GTA is the game that has given more attention, with more than 2.1 billion hours thanks to its contents such as Role play and events such as Marbella Vice.

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And it seems that, despite these huge data, Twitch has not touched ceiling and the platform aspires to overcome these records in this 2022 that has ahead. In his shelter he has several of the most important content creators in the world and much future ahead.

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