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On the 27th. March 2022 are again given the Oscars in Los Angeles. Although the nominees are not fixed, the revelation will be on 8 . February 2022 expected. Be sure to be Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, which want to secure a nomination for Spider-Man: No Way Home using a marketing campaign. And most of the category for the best movie of the year.

Poster for nomination request on Twitter surfaced

To generate even more attention to potential Oscar nomination, the creators of the film have also designed new poster, which have already been lasted with Twitter. This is the desire to read that the Academy Spider-Man: No Way Home in all categories — inclusive Best Picture will be considered for 2022. Look at the pictures in Tweet but only if you have seen the movie — it is quite a spoiler.

How many Oscar nominations have already received MCU films?

For many years, Movies of Marvel Studios have been heavy at the Oscars. Overall 19 Nominations has received the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its beginning in 2009 with Iron Man. Most of them in the categories Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing. However, one of the 27 MCU films in these categories has not yet.

The only exception is so far Black Panther, which was nominated seven times for a gold boy. The only film of the MCU was also three Oscars — for Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Production Design. In the category Best Picture it did not affect victory.

Will Tom Holland the moderator of the Oscars?

At the moment, rumors also circulate that Spider-Man performers Tom Holland is considered for the moderation of the Oscar award. The 25-year-old has already revealed in an interview that he would accept a matter of course with a request. Already in 2018, Tom Holland was as a Laudatory on the Oscar stage.

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