Webzen, Unreal Flight MMORPG ’Muorin 3’ teaser site released

[Data provided: Wezen]

January 6, Web sen Teaser image appearing on the teaser site on the teaser site

Mu IP video game is the initial Unreal Engine 4 and protected superb graphics and trip systems

, In-house test outcomes recommend that the public player targets exclusive test preparation

The initial function of IP video games, the flight feature is added to the wing system, and the wings are bigger. You can embellish the character’s look gorgeously with wings, flying the sea, land, the air, as well as checking out the open world in the game openly.

Meanwhile, the previous and also the Mooring 2, specifically, were launched in the residential market in 2015 as well as 2018 and also acquired a fantastic reaction. Particularly, has actually accomplished the variety of appeal and also sales in the three significant app markets in Korea.

Avid which the user of the previous server collected has a separate dispute area of each web server.

In enhancement, has a selection of components that enjoy of MMORPG. Naturally, while delighting in the Braid and ‘Siege’, ‘Guild Content’, which accept guild members, and also enjoy the game, the jamming aspect that gets various devices as well as products has actually raised larger than the previous work.

Wezen completed the internal test of the Mooring 3 > and also prepares the game solution focused on the launch of the year (2022). In the early seal, the basic player takes part in the basic player.

More details on Wezen’s new mobile video game can be found in the main teaser site.

The original function of IP games, the trip function is added to the wing system, and the wings are bigger. You can enhance the personality’s look beautifully with wings, flying the sea, land, the air, and exploring the open world in the game freely.

Wezen was launched today (January 6) of Teaser site launched some video game information such as teaser video as well as BI.

The core content ‘Abyss Battle’ has also enjoyed of big competitors. Avid which the customer of the previous server collected has a separate problem location of each server. Below, the participants of each server are united to join with other servers as well as intense competition.

Wezen opened the teaser site of MMORPG .

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The teaser video clip of has a significant personality such as partnership, black, as well as fairy against destructive pressures. Each personality’s vibrant ability impacts and fight scenes are revealed as high-definition 3D pictures, and also you can see the worldview of the game.

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