Pokemon legends: Arceus – First gameplay splits community

After months of silence, Game Freak finally shows what awaits you from gameplay in Pokémon legends: Areas. The fans are twilight columns, because though that pleases, there is another big criticism.

What awaits you in Pokémon legends: Areas?

Pokémon Legends: Areas wants to mix the old Pokemon formula and put a bit more action in the role-play aspect. As it wants to do exactly, however, was long unclear. Now, the official Nintendo-YouTube channel will be releasing a gameplay trailer surprisingly — and releases a heated discussion.

Den Gameplay Trailer can you look at yourself and form an opinion:

The main new game elements that the trailer gives you summarized here:

  • Catch and fight Pokémon: You can distract Pokémon with lining to summon you. Manually aims with your Football on Wild Monster to catch them. However, some are too aggressive and must be weakened in advance. Switches between the starch style and the tempos til to be successful.

  • Crafting: Collect together with your Pokémon materials to produce useful items.

  • Quests: In Dübendorf you can not only rinse you, let you dress and swap Pokémon, but also accept quests.

What does the community mean?

Why the trailer is discussed so controversial, you can probably already think. The hottest discussion topic is, as well as past trailers, the graphics.

Both the English, and the German trailer can be found on YouTube dozens of comments that criticize the textures and also the empty world. For a franchise of this magnitude, so the comments, more budget and time are put into the graph. Others in turn celebrate the painted look or mine, the new gameplay would make up the defect. (Source: YouTube / Nintendo)


But even in terms of gameplay, the fans are undoubtedly. Generally, Game Freak is praised in the highest sounds of tasting something else. However, there are also critical voices here. The quests shown consist mainly catch quests. Some digits also question whether the main goal can generate some long-term motivation at all. After all, this is only to fill the first Pokédex of the region.

But at this point was told that details of the action are still largely unknown . It is therefore only the opinion of different commentators. (Source: YouTube / Nintendo)

The game should appear on January 28th. As it actually plays, we probably learn only then.

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